Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Favorite Things: Crabs

As a resident of Maryland, it is pretty much a requirement to eat crabs at least a few times a summer.  At first, I wasn’t too sure about them because they seemed like a LOT of work for not a lot of reward.  Plus, I grew up spending my summers on Cape Cod, which made me a lobster-person, through and through.  Lobsters also seemed better because it is easier to avoid all the “icky” parts.
                Turns out, crabs are great.  Not only do they taste great, they are an excellent bang for your calorie buck.  The meat is sweeter than lobster, so there is no need to dip them in butter.  They are only 2 or 3 Weight Watchers point per crab, so you can have half a dozen and stay within your daily points value (or use some flex points and have more!).  Of course, I always use flex points with crabs because you really can’t eat crabs without something alcoholic to drink.
Crabs covered in Old Bay: a Maryland Tradition
                Another great benefit of crabs is that they take a while to eat, so there is no way to rush through your meal.  It is a very social event, and a dozen crabs can take an hour or two to get through.  If it is just Scott and I, we like to get crabs and bring them home.  First, we can drink as much as we want and not have to worry about driving.  Second, we put some towels in a cooler, and this keeps them warm for a lot longer than just dumping them on your table at a restaurant.  So my advice, if you haven’t jumped on the crab bandwagon, is to go out as soon as possible to try them!

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  1. I think the very first time I visited Maryland, our hosts treated us to a crab boil. You're so right about it being as much a social event as a meal. Then again, aren't the very best meals all about sharing the experience with great friends? I'm definitely a fan of the crab. This will probably inspire me to look for even more seafood over the winter months.