Monday, May 28, 2012

Warrior Dash

After the race.  I was
hosed off before this was
Last weekend, I ran in my first 5k.  Of course, I couldn't pick a regular 5k to start with, I had to start with a 5k that also had obstacles. The Warrior Dash Maryland takes place in Southern Maryland, and there are several obstacles you have to climb over, crawl under, slide down, and finally at the end swim/crawl through mud the texture of wet cement.

 I have been thinking about writing about how it went, but I kept putting it off because I have such mixed feelings about it, and I was trying to reconcile those feelings before letting the whole world read about them.  I was hoping with a little time, I would gain some perspective and some of the less than warm and fuzzy feelings about myself regarding the race would fade away, but they haven't.

Let me start with this- I am extremely happy that I managed to finish the race, and complete every obstacles.  Even when I was sure I could never do it, I didn't want to do the race in a time that I am not happy about AND not do every obstacle.

However, I am also not happy with the way I ran.  The course involved a lot more uphill parts than I am used to, and combined with the obstacles, I found myself very tired earlier in the race than I would have liked.  It was pretty disappointing, and I also felt like I was holding my entire group who I did the race with back. 

I am signed up for the Color Run in September, so hopefully with some more training I will be able to complete my 2nd 5k in a reasonable amount of time.  Although the Color Run is not a timed race, so I will have to time myself. 
My completion medal and free beer :-P

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