Friday, August 5, 2011

Challenges: Weekends Away

This summer I have spent several weekends away, visiting friends and family.  I find that these types of mini-trips are one of the biggest challenges I face on my weight loss journey.  This weekend I am going to the beach in Delaware to a bachelorette party.  This will of course mean drinking and eating out. 
                The trouble comes with trying to make the right choices.  Of course, I want to eat the deep-fried foods and the sugary, frozen adult beverages.  But I know that doing that will throw me off course.  On the other hand, I don’t want to completely deprive myself, and be downer.  So the focus has to be on balance.  Would I rather have the decedent entrée, or an extra glass of champagne?  Rationally, I know the answer is to make wise choices, pick healthy foods, and only drink a little.  But faced with the reality of the situation I often find myself making the wrong choices. 
                After a few months of being on Weight Watchers, I do feel that I am making better choices consistently.  For example, a couple of weekends ago on the way to Wildwood, Scott and I stopped at a rest stop and we were both getting hungry.  Despite the fact that in my mind a road-trip=excuse for junk food (Combo’s are my weakness), I choose to get a fresh fruit cup.  It was great that they even had that option and that I was able to make a good choice.
                So hopefully this weekend I can put some of the lessons I have learned into practice and make the best choices for me.  Ones that will leave me satisfied, but still able to have fun!

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