Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Portion Control

One of the biggest struggles I have when trying to lose weight is portion control.  You know those family-sized containers of fresh ravioli they sell at the grocery store?  I can, and have, eaten the entire thing by myself.  Even while doing it, I was aware that is not healthy and that when I am done I will not feel well, or good about myself.
This time around on Weight Watchers, I have really taken the whole concept of portion control seriously, and have found that what used to be a struggle has started to come naturally.  A kitchen scale is a great tool for this, because it is way more precise than measuring cups.  I always weigh out my pasta now, and after six months really do feel like 2 or 3 ounces of pasta is enough. 
On Sunday night, Scott and I wanted to grill up lamb chops.  We bought four double cut rib chops, which is 4 chops per person.  BWW (Before Weight Watchers) I would have probably gotten at least one and a half times that much meat, if not twice as much.  We coated the chops in a mixture of garam masala and oregano.  Garam masala is one of Scott’s favorite spice mixtures, and it was perfect for the chops because the heat of the grill made the spices all toasty, which is important.  We also had a grilled ear of corn each and couscous with feta, almonds and dried fruit.  It was a perfect Sunday night dinner- a little indulgent, but still relatively healthy and really, really delicious. 
One of the things I worry about when I get to my goal weight and stop following Weight Watchers closely is that I will slowly go back to my old habits of eating large portions.  This will definitely be a struggle for me, and I need to really concentrate on keeping my portions in check.  I hope that the time I have spent on WW will make weighing and measuring my food a life-long habit.

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